Surf in Anglet

Surf spots in Anglet

Anglet is known as "Little California" for its 

11 beaches  spread over 4.5km of fine sand.


Anglet's surf culture is largely reponsible for the trendy and relaxed atmosphere in the town.


Its 11 surf spots are internationally known. There are also several surf competitions held   throughout the summer months and autumn.


Surfing in Anglet is all year round and suits

all surfing level.

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Surfing spots in Anglet

  • Beach VVF :


Surfing is widely practiced due to the protection of the cliff against the southerly wind. It also acts as a natural breakwater with the waves often being smaller than in the north of Anglet. Take note that some rocks stand out the sand at the northern edge of the beach.

  • Beach Le Club :

The Anglet Surf Club – the most important surf club in France – is based at this beach.

The numerous surfers there appreciate this sand that is naturally protected by the dikes. Competitions such as the Anglet Kids Trophy are organized there. This spot is renowned for a unique competition held every August 14 - a professional night-time surfing competition.

  • Beach Les Sables d'Or :

This beach offers a busy surfing area. It is best at low tide as high tide covers the entire beach and creates a substantial backwash.

  • Beach Marinella : 

Marinella is a relatively easy spot and is visited by numerous surfers. The proximity of the Youth Hostel makes it a meeting place not to be missed for visiting surfers !!!

  • Beach Les Corsaires : 

The Corsaires spot is, like its neighbour, Marinella, protected by long rocky groynes. These “sea walls” help different sand banks to form and offer good, surfable waves at all tide times. 


  • Beaches La Petite Madrague and La Madrague : 

The Madrague is a spot with several good sand banks. A fashionable beach that also attracts the surfers and its numerous crests allow its popularity to be extended.

  • Beaches L'Océan and Les Dunes : 

The Ocean and the Dunes form the same beach break. It is quite common to park one’s car in one of the beach parking areas and to finish in the waves on the other beach. Its tubular crests, comparable to those of its more publicized sister – the Cavaliers – are often less visited.

  • Beach Les Cavaliers : 

When a visitor speaks about the places at Anglet, Cavaliers beach is quoted as a reference. In fact, its tubular waves and also the number of professional competitions have made it a world wide known place. This is a more local place than the other Anglet beaches, but the number of crests and the “savoir-vivre” overcomes any problems for the visiting surfers.

  • Beach La Barre :

Ever since the first Surfing World Championships were held in 1968, this small beach is a world-famous place. Today, the waves are not so present due to the breakwaters that surround it and make it a protected spot on days with strong swells.